Yad Vashem

For decades, Israel’s leading Holocaust trust, Yad Vashem, has worked to catalog the names and stories of the six million Jews killed in the Shoah.

The effort is part of a project making up the Hall of Names, a main exhibit at Yad Vashem’s memorial site in Jerusalem. The Hall of Names includes Pages of Testimony, which are first person accounts of the Nazi victims from loved ones, friends and descendants.


To further illuminate the process, Yad Vashem recently put together a video, explaining the tireless effort that goes into crafting the Hall of Names. The clip helps shed light on just how much work goes into the project, and how many individuals labor behind the scenes to make the moving tribute a reality.

From Yad Vashem:

Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, yet the names of close to 2 million remain anonymous. Since the 1950s, Yad Vashem has worked tirelessly to collect and commemorate the names of men, women and children who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Individuals submit handwritten Pages of Testimony in memory of loved ones, researchers painstakingly examine archival materials, and experts use the most advanced technology available to identify name after name to complete this vital task. But the work is not finished. The names of close to 2 million are waiting to be redeemed and time is running out.

Watch the video below, and learn more about the project by visiting here.