Rabbi says meat from genetically cloned pig could be eaten by...

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow advocates rabbinic approval of cloned meat “so that people would not starve, to prevent pollution, and to avoid the suffering of animals.”

Israeli production company creating reality TV show inspired by #MeToo movement

“The Silence Breaker” will use hidden cameras to go undercover and document sexual harassment in real workplaces.

5 Haggadahs and other Passover supplements to modernize your seder this...

Jewish diversity and the global refugee crisis are among the themes of new seder supplements.

Mark Zuckerberg ends silence on Cambridge Analytica scandal

"We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you," the Jewish CEO of Facebook said.

Colombian Jewish TV news anchor asked to resign after refusing to...

News anchor Cathy Bekerman's boss later apologized for the incident.

In European Jewry’s longest-running song contest, Israel is always a winner

Many think Israel could triumph at Eurovision. It was already the star at a song contest for Europe's Jewish youth in Milan.