‘Maktub,’ an Israeli comedy about low-level gangsters, makes it to Netflix

The film's writers and co-stars are veterans of the Israeli TV scene looking to make a splash in the U.S.

Former Israeli lawmaker arrested as alleged spy for Iran

Gonen Segev, a physician, had served time in an Israeli jail on a drug distribution charge and then left the country to live in Nigeria.

Men yell ‘f*** all Jews’ at Dutch chief rabbi’s son and...

Two men described as being of Middle Eastern descent drove menacingly toward the group, Rabbi Yanki Jacobs told police.

In Tel Aviv’s African neighborhood, asylum seekers strive for normal life

The neighborhood in the city's south has African asylum seekers, Asian guest workers and working-class Israelis living in close and sometimes tense proximity.

Rio mayor sings to raise funds for Holocaust memorial

Marcelo Crivella, who is a fervent Evangelical Christian and a longtime friend of the Jewish community, sang several gospel songs at the fundraiser.

Former CIA head compares US immigration policies to Nazi Germany

Michael Hayden tweeted his criticism under a black and white photograph of Auschwitz.