British magazine publishes article calling Nazis the heroes of D-Day

Taki Theodoracopulos asked readers to feel sorry for the 76,000 Germans who fought against Allied troops on Omaha Beach.

5 Jewish facts about the new Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ movie

The film's Jewish lead got his big break at a bat mitzvah attended by Steven Spielberg.

Argentine Jews seek legal action against teacher who praised Hitler

Amid an outcry over her remarks, photos emerged of Evequoz wearing a Nazi armband while working as an erotic dancer.

Hamas leader: Talk of peaceful protest is mere ‘deception’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quoted Mahmoud al-Zahar's statement, saying it vindicates Israel of allegations of targeting peaceful protesters.

South Africa’s ruling party says Israel’s actions on Gaza border are...

South African Jewish umbrella groups slammed the government’s decision to withdraw the country’s ambassador to Israel,saying it is “outrageous and displays gross double standards by our Government against the Jewish state.”

Top German newspaper pulls cartoon that criticizes Netanyahu

In the cartoon, Netanyahu is holding a rocket marked with a Star of David. The artist, Dieter Hanitzsch, also replaced the “V” in a Eurovision banner with the six-pointed star.