What we talk about when we talk about Jerusalem

Is it possible to imagine an "undivided Jerusalem" that also accommodates Palestinian aspirations for a state and capital of their own?

NY Port Authority suspect charged with supporting terrorism

Why did Akayed Ullah carry out the attack? One alleged motivation reported is to avenge Israeli actions in Gaza.

The world’s most famous indie rock Hanukkah tradition makes a comeback

Yo La Tengo will again play on all eight nights of the holiday, ending a hiatus for the decade-long tradition.

After second incident, Swedish anti-Semitism watchdog warns of wave of attacks

Swedish police reportedly have tightened security near Jewish sites throughout the country in the wake of the two attacks.

Congress will miss its deadline to reimpose sanctions on Iran deal

The 2015 nuclear agreement lives -- for now -- despite President Trump's distaste.

Roy Moore’s wife on anti-Semitism charge: ‘One of our attorneys is...

Roy Moore has been criticized for suggesting the Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros is going to hell.