A celebrity photographer trains his lens on Holocaust survivors

Harry Borden, England's go-to celebrity photographer, changes course with his new book, "Survivor: A Portrait of the Survivors of the Holocaust."

Palestinian woman killed during attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem

A Palestinian woman armed with a knife attempted to stab Israeli Border Police officers outside the Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

In search of common ground: Snapshots from the AIPAC conference

Pro-Israel harmony meets anti-occupation protests at the annual gathering of 18,000 activists.

Аd agency renames itself after Jewish founders who faced anti-Semitism

Lawrence Valenstein and Arthur Fatt decided to name their agency Grey Studios, after the color of its office's wallpaper, in order to avoid losing business due to anti-Semitism.

Thousands of haredi Orthodox men protest military draft in Jerusalem

Protesters carried signs reading: "The Israeli Draft law: An attack on our religious freedom," and "Yes to prison, no to the army."

Why these 5 European Jews are promoting far-right parties

As diverse a group as the communities from which they come, the Jewish supporters of the rising force of European politics are united in believing that nationalism is the best defense against jihad.