For Teen Vogue, bashing Israel has become the fashion

Articles critical of the Jewish state now share space with tips on makeup and celebrity profiles.

In Israel, Hungary’s Orban gets praise from Netanyahu and protests at...

The prime minister called Orban a "good friend" of Israel, while dozens at the Holocaust museum prevented his car from moving for several minutes.

What is Israel doing hosting a world lacrosse championship?

The sport's supporters recruited local talent and made a daring bid to bring the World Lacrosse Championship to Netanya.

Study finds widespread history of sexual abuse among formerly Orthodox

Two Orthodox researchers see a link between abuse and the decision to abandon the strictly observant Jewish life.

Jewish man, 69, attacked in Paris by assailant shouting about Allah...

For the third time this year, French police sent a man who displayed violent behavior toward Jews for psychiatric evaluation.

Israel passes controversial law that cements it as country for Jews

Jews in the Diaspora call the law a capitulation to haredi Orthodox parties, and a refutation of Israel's democratic character.