Does Israel need a law to define itself as the nation-state...

The words democracy and equality do not appear in the text of a bill the Knesset is expected to pass this week.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem will cost $21.5 million for upgrades

A Maryland-based firm was awarded the contract to design and build facets of the embassy.

Soccer star Maradona tells Abbas: ‘My heart is Palestinian’

(JTA) — The Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona hugged Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and told him, “My heart is Palestinian.” Maradona and Abbas met Saturday in Moscow...

More Birthright participants leave the trip in protest

The six American Jews put video of themselves talking about their reasons for leaving on Facebook.

Anti-Semitism has resurfaced due to Polish Holocaust law

"Old demons began to wake up: the trust of many thousands of people has been strained and the work of many decades has been tarnished,” Archbishop Henryk Muszynski said.

Tourists caught trying to smuggle bricks out of Auschwitz

Two Hungarians said they wanted to bring back a souvenir and were fined $400 each.