1. Commitment

In “Looper,” JoGo played a younger version of Bruce Willis. The preparation was tough, with JGL reflecting, “‘Looper’ was probably the most transformative of any movie I’ve ever done.”

He continued, “I studied him, and watched his movies, and ripped the audio off of his movies, so I could listen to them on repeat. He even recorded some of my voice-over monologues [from ‘Looper’] and sent me that recording, so I could hear what it would sound like in his voice. And then just getting to know him and spending time with him and letting it seep in. It’s a really, really fascinating way to become a character. That’s always my favorite thing, is to transform, become somebody else. If I see a moment that reminds me of myself I always feel like I messed that up.”

JGL wound up spending close to three hours every day in the makeup chair for thin prosthetic pieces to be applied to his face to resemble Willis as closely as possible.