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Groundbreaking technologies are advancing the IDF’s capabilities and eliminating threats. With these advanced tools in the hands of its soldiers, the IDF protects the people of Israel.

In a major speech last October, IDF Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz described the wide-ranging threats facing Israel in the near future. According to the Chief of Staff, the IDF could be forced to contend with anything from missile strikes on military sites to large-scale battles, and cyber attacks that would paralyze Israel’s infrastructure.

But after reviewing a range of doomsday scenarios, Lt. Gen. Gantz concluded his address with a message of hope and optimism. “We are strong enough to face every challenge, the expected and the unexpected,” he said. “It is our duty to invest whatever is necessary to provide the response, even by looking years into the future.”

Innovators throughout the IDF have heeded the Chief of Staff’s message, developing technologies that keep civilians safe and allow Israel to strike accurately far from its borders. In every sector, cutting-edge technologies are advancing Israel’s capabilities and eliminating threats, keeping the IDF steps ahead of its enemies.

This article has been reprinted with the permission of the IDF Blog