It’s finally happened! Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are married. OK, well, it’s just the actors who play them, but still.

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, who have enjoyed a very under-the-radar romance, spoke their vows and tied the knot in a “super-secret” wedding ceremony recently. It’s no surprise how hush-hush they were about the wedding.


The couple, who started dating a year ago (that we know of) only publicly revealed they were together when they announced their engagement in November.

For those who weren’t teenagers or close to it in the past ten years, this marriage has extreme importance because Brody and Meester both starred on teen dramas created by Josh Schwartz (another Jew!). Brody was the lovable goofball of Orange County as Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” while Meester was the lovable Queen Bee of the Upper East Side on “Gossip Girl.” It’s just…so perfect that they found each other. Thanks, TV!

Gawker even created a fake wedding announcement for the real life couple’s fictional counterparts. It is wonderful.

J-Connection: Adam Brody is Jewish.