Following the terror attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the hostage situation at a kosher supermarket in Paris last week, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) exposed several conspiracy theories promoted by anti-Semites and anti-Israel activists, as well as by some media outlets primarily in the Arab world.

“It was inevitable that the haters would surface with their virulently anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “It is absurd but sadly predictable that conspiracy theories connecting what occurred in Paris to Jews and Israel continue to spread after such an unthinkable tragedy.”

U.S.-based anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists blamed Israel for the attacks, claiming Jews were waging a war against Islam. In addition, international media outlets, including those in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and India, have also espoused similar sentiments attempting to establish a Jewish connection to the executions.

“The fact that we saw ‘mainstream’ media outlets primarily in the Arab world promoting such horrendous claims is not a surprise, given our recent polling across the Middle East and North Africa,” said Mr. Foxman. “The ugly hateful rhetoric coming from these conspiracy theorists is disturbing. They are a continuation of the various anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from the far right and left as well as in the Arab and Muslim world that were abundant following 9/11.”

ADL has highlighted numerous conspiracy theories connecting Jews to a range of tragedies and events, ranging from the fighting in Syria and the rise of ISIS, to the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Sandy Hook Mas­sacre.

The League’s recent polling across the Middle East and North Africa found that 74 percent of those polled harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.