On Monday, Yad Vashem posthumously honored a Belgian woman for her efforts to save a Jewish family during the Holocaust.

The Israeli Holocaust memorial and trust named Angele Larose from Villers-Poterie, Belgium, as Righteous Among the Nations, one of the Jewish state’s highest civilian honorifics.

The medal and certificate of honor was presented to André Larose, Angele Larose’s grandson. The ceremony was attended by Holocaust survivor Theresa-Tova Silverstein, who was rescued by Angele Larose. Theresa-Tova was hidden as a child in Angele Larose’s farm in their village.

“I look at my family and I see a miracle,” said Tova Silverstein at the ceremony. “Angele saved my life by her actions… my parents understood what they owed her. I did not, because I was too young. Now, however I fully understand, and I appreciate her courage, strength and humanity.”

“Who would’ve thought I would be talking about my grandmother, here in Jerusalem?” asked André Larose after receiving the certificate and medal. “Her name will forever be remembered at Yad Vashem. I am very moved to be here. It’s wonderful to see Tova and all of her family.”

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