Billy Eichner is one of our favorite Jewish comedians, and now he’s teaming up with Amy Poehler, one of our fave funny ladies.

The pair hit the streets of New York City recently to film a segment called “Billy on the Street.” In the regular set up, Billy runs around screaming pop culture questions at wary strangers, to hilarious results. In this clip, Billy gives the segment a holiday theme.

It seems most people can’t actually remember the lyrics to some of the most classic of Christmas carols. Eichner and Poehler offer a dollar to anyone that can successfully get through a few verses, but the pickings are slim.

A highlight occurs when Amy decides to approach a Hasidic Jew, which causes Blly to erupt in indignation.

Watch the hysterical clip for yourself below.

J-Connection: Billy Eichner is one funny Jew.