Thursday, February 21, 2019
Where in the world is the Apollo of Gaza? Or, perhaps more appropriately, where in the Gaza Strip?
Israeli artist Nir Hod appears to have pulled off something of an art world coup this month.
The heirs of a French Jewish art dealer killed in a Nazi concentration camp will get a piece of the upcoming sale of a Monet painting looted by the Nazis.
Darren Aronofsky is fully immersing himself in the story of Noah and the flood.
Nearly 200 Israeli and international professional artists are showcasing their artwork in the second annual Jerusalem Biennale For Contemporary Jewish Art.
A man accused of hoarding Nazi-looted art says he refuses to comply with German officials seeking to return the works to their original owners.
Jewish artists incorporate cutting-edge science into their work, from digital images of microorganisms to synthesizers combining visual and audio elements.
Henri Bendel is kicking off its holiday season with a distinctly Jewish flair.
The man behind a Nazi-looted art hoarding scandal has now launched his own website.
Art gracing the walls of the German parliament could be the result of Nazi-looting.


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