Sunday, July 23, 2017
Robin Williams might be looking to get out of show business and into the rabbinical game.
An estimated 23 percent of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish, though Jews make up just 0.2 percent of the global population.
The Adolf Eichmann trial in 1961 captivated a global community.
Dror Dagan is the founder of the Dror for the Wounded Foundation, which helps severely wounded IDF soldiers.
Camille Pissarro is considered the father of Impressionism, which sort of makes the most quintessentially French art movement half-Jewish.
Forbes released the 2014 ranking of the world’s billionaires in March, naming 1,645 men and women with an impressive combined net worth of $6.4 trillion.
Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat in WWII, didn’t have to issue 6,000 visas to Jewish refugees, allowing them to escape the Nazis--but he did anyway.
Pearl lived a short but meaningful life. The Jewish journalist was murdered by terrorists and used his last moments to speak words that went down in infamy.
Chaim Weizmann is remembered as Israel’s first president, but this was only part of a life that included science, humanitarianism, and a political movement.
Norman Mailer was at once the most acclaimed and the most denounced American writer of much of the 20th century.


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