Monday, March 27, 2017
Though often facing anti-Semitism, both institutional and cultural, the Jewish people have historically responded with innovation and adaptability.
Bob Marley would have been 70 years old last month, and a group of Israeli a cappella singers thought up the perfect way to celebrate.
On September 29, 1941, the pogrom against Jews known as Babi Yar took place in Kiev.
Shimon Peres toured Kiryat Hayim today, a suburb of Haifa near the Sea of Galilee.
While most mathematicians worked alone, Erdös was an essentially jobless itinerant who traveled the world collaborating with hundreds of colleagues.
Norman Mailer was at once the most acclaimed and the most denounced American writer of much of the 20th century.
Arthur Rubinstein is widely considered one of the world’s greatest-ever interpreters of Chopin.
As the Streit’s matzah factory on the Lower East Side readies to close, Jews in New York City and beyond are feeling the nostalgia.
“He’s in Israel, and will stand trial here.”
Bar Refaeli is one of the hottest models in the world and has graced the cover of Elle, Vogue and other leading magazines.


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