Saturday, January 18, 2020
Though often facing anti-Semitism, both institutional and cultural, the Jewish people have historically responded with innovation and adaptability.
Yad Vashem is starting the New Year with an act of remembrance to those lost in the Holocaust.
William Shatner has revealed a tribute to his friend and co-star Leonard Nimoy.
Members of the National Football League's Hall of Famers are currently in Israel.
Shimon Peres toured Kiryat Hayim today, a suburb of Haifa near the Sea of Galilee.
Here are a few more Jewish celebrities whose real names might just surprise you.
The Jewish community of Mir, Poland was a vibrant, thriving epicenter filled with traditions and family.
In the spirit of the reinvention of Hollywood, here are a few Jewish celebrities whose real names might surprise you.
Hero to some, villain to others, convicted spy Jonathan Pollard could soon be released in an attempt to kick-start the stalled Middle East peace process.
Michael Bloomberg is a prolific businessman and politician--he is also a self made man.


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