Monday, May 29, 2017
African-American officer Leroy Smith, who heads SC’s Department of Public Safety, helped a white neo-Nazi protestor to shade when he looked faint.
Ed Koch was a beloved three-term mayor of New York and a figure that would go on to become a symbol of Manhattan.
Robin Williams might be looking to get out of show business and into the rabbinical game.
Israel's current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has served the Jewish state in many roles. Learn more about Bibi through these five memorable quotes.
The 2015 Family Life Index poll, published by InterNations, ranked Israel as number four in a list of world countries where it is best to raise a family.
The Hadassah Women’s Organization is a vernacular part of the Jewish vocabulary.
Eliahu Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew who served as a legendary Mossad spy in Syria, was publicly hanged in a Damascus square on May 18, 1965.
Maimonides, one of the most renowned scholars in Jewish history, moved across continents; his knowledge of Jewish law was just as boundless.
Elizabeth Taylor was a beloved Hollywood icon and a symbol of glamor, beauty and talent.
The raising of the Ink Flag was a historic and now-famous moment in the 1948 War for Independence.


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