Sunday, June 24, 2018
Imagine you wake up to a zombie apocalypse. Most of us do not have what it takes to survive. That’s because most of us are not IDF soldiers.
Yitzhak Rabin was a historic Israeli prime minister whose vision for peace colored much of his legacy.
A Facebook post by a Muslim woman about the kindness of a 90-year-old Jewish man has been attracting the attention of thousands of social media users.
Mark Zuckerberg is clearly enjoying new fatherhood, and he's sharing some family photos to prove it.
Paul Newman was a Hollywood golden boy, with a prolific career that earned him a spot as one of the most iconic actors of all time.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson reached out to a Jewish folk singer to thank him for his understanding after the wrestler-turned-actor damaged his car in a crash.
The story of Lauren Bacall’s life is almost as seductive as her celebrated voice.
George Burns was more than just a beloved Jewish icon. He is one of the few people whose career spanned vaudeville, radio, film and television.
A video in the archives of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum gives viewers a unique look at Warsaw’s Jewish Quarter in 1939.
An original sukkah created with images taken by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is on display in New York City’s Upper West Side.


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