Thursday, July 19, 2018
Two Hungarians said they wanted to bring back a souvenir and were fined $400 each.
With boycotters rallying outside, Batsheva's Young Ensemble performs a piece that blissfully defies interpretation.
The Australian firm later removed its new advertising campaign with photos and video from Jasenovac in the background.
Patriotism and Zionism combined to create a practice less common in other countries.
The three-time Tour de France champion was among a record 220 riders who reversed a route that meant tragedy for Jews in the Holocaust.
Rabbi Arthur Waskow required assistance to stand and walk with his cane after he was handcuffed with a plastic tie.
His tweet announcing the appointment included the hashtag #DoIHaveDiplomaticImmunity.
The same model was detained last year in Egypt for posing naked in front of old temples.
Mike Moskowitz says Judaism is about showing compassion for the struggles of others, whatever they may be.
At Mevashlim B’Ivrit, or “Cooking Up in Hebrew,” people come together to cook, eat and schmooze. And then eat a little more.


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