Sunday, July 22, 2018
The rapper said he exaggerated images of black people in the same song.
Wearing pants to work would violate her religious principles, the 26-year-old Brooklynite says in a lawsuit against New York Presbyterian Hospital.
A Jewish woman my mother’s age masters the special combination of sweet and blunt (as so many Jewish women do), and promoting education in the beauty world.
Ratner was once accused of sexual misconduct and is close friends with James Toback, whom hundreds of women have accused of sexual harassment.
The Israeli-American diaspora is real, growing and leaving its mark (note the nearly 150 Israeli startups in Silicon Valley).
Anita Diamant's first novel, published 20 years ago, went on to become a best-seller, a miniseries and an inspiration for fiction writers around the globe.
Hershey Felder's one-man show explores the life -- and paradoxes -- of the 19th-century Russian composer.
Sadiq Khan's statement came two weeks after marchers waved Hezbollah flags during the annual pro-Palestinian Al-Quds Day parade in London.
The account withdrew and apologized for the tweet, saying it was used without consulting the former White House communications director.
National Forestry Corp. director Elizabeth Munoz criticized “Israelites” for “cultural bad behavior” after three Israeli tourists were expelled late last month from the Torres del Paine National Park for switching on a portable mini stove in an unauthorized area.


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