Saturday, March 24, 2018
No high-ranking British royal has made an official visit to the Jewish state since its establishment in 1948.
The band will play one concert in April in Rishon Lezion three years after its last visit to Israel.
Sawyer Goldsmith hopes to show other transgender USY members that they belong in the Conservative movement's youth group.
A spokeswoman for the Polish government tweeted "the conversation will not concern sovereign decisions of the Polish parliament.”
The 19-year-old's death is being investigated as a homicide.
There is no evidence that Kushner was personally involved in a $3 million deal with a major Israeli financial institution, according to The New York Times.
New payouts of $584 million will be made after the start of the new year.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the Trump administration for supporting his country at the United Nations.
Roy Moore has been criticized for suggesting the Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros is going to hell.
A Pence spokesman said the Palestinians were "walking away" from a peace opportunity.


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