Wednesday, May 27, 2020
In a combined effort between the Israeli Navy, ISA, and the Israeli Police, forces arrested fisherman Salim Jamal Hassan Na’aman in April 2016.
According to a recent CNN poll, one percent of Americans believe that President Barack Obama is Jewish.
Yom Kippur War hero Maj.-Gen. Avigdor ‘Yanush’ Ben-Gal was buried in Israel’s Kiryat Shaul military cemetery.
A site collected $30,000 for a Dutch Holocaust survivor couple that had been robbed and beaten in their Amsterdam home and were called 'dirty Jews.'
The IDF’s Lotem Technology Division is responsible for defending the military’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.
A 13-year-old West Bank girl was stabbed to death by a Palestinian teenager while she was in her bed.
Anousim, descendants of forcibly converted Spanish and Portuguese Jews, held marches around the world in response to ongoing attacks taking place in Israel.
Jay Leno on Sunday offered to donate a $36,000 fully equipped ambucycle to Israel's United Hatzalah emergency response group.
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