Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Higher education may promote increased Jewish connectivity, writes a research director at Jewish Federations of North America.
At a time when many Jewish summer camps are spending millions to build everything from gymnasiums to trapezes to pool halls, a handful of Jewish summer camps have eschewed the pricey bells and whistles, focusing instead on the traditional homespun pleasures of, well, camp.
Michael Douglas and Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky will visit three U.S. university campuses to talk about Israel and modern anti-Semitism.
Maintaining its number 3 position in Asia, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem rose three positions to number 67 among the 500 top universities in the world.
A ranking by the Jewish news site includes quality of Jewish life, academics, affordability and Israel resources.
Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian alumni of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies will convene for a three day seminar in the north of Israel.
Hillel International has received a new $16 million grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation.
A professor at Kent State University with a history of anti-Israel activity is under FBI investigation for ties to the Islamic State.
Jerusalem’s Mayor visited the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University and addressed the student body.
The Center for World University Rankings, based in Saudi Arabia, ranked the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as the number one university in the Middle East.


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