Wednesday, December 13, 2017
It’s not every day you have to try to hunt down Nazis for your homework, but students at the University of New Haven are doing just that.
One of the nation’s most prominent lawyers is retiring form his post at Harvard Law School.
Israel has one of the highest-educated populations of any country in the developed world.
A professor at Kent State University with a history of anti-Israel activity is under FBI investigation for ties to the Islamic State.
Hillel, the Jewish campus organization, released its annual fall college guide earlier this month.
ADL designated 87 NY schools as No Place For Hate for creating safe learning environments, bringing awareness to bullying and bias, and promoting respect.
A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a new measure condemning boycotts of Israeli academic institutions and scholars by American universities.
Maintaining its number 3 position in Asia, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem rose three positions to number 67 among the 500 top universities in the world.
CUNY said 'invoking discriminatory language reeking of thinly veiled bigotry, prejudice, anti-Semitism or other behavior' is inconsistent with its mission.
An academic who lost a tenured position at the University of Illinois over remarks about Israel sued faculty and donors over the decision not to hire him.


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