Saturday, May 27, 2017
The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life also was among two dozen religious groups in the plea on an agreement that seeks to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
The People's Climate Movement, which is organizing the march, advocates for global action against climate change.
A breakthrough was reached on a deal that will regulate exploration, harvesting and development of Israel’s Tamar and Leviathan offshore natural gas fields.
The Israeli government has unanimously approved a plan to reduce the country's emission of greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency.
Israeli biotech company Homebiogas installed the first bio-digester system that turns organic waste into clean renewable energy at an orphanage in Uganda.
Israeli researchers develop real-time bird tracking system.
To help save on water usage, Caspi uses a drip irrigation system developed in Israel that uses far less water to keep plants healthy.
Last week, a trio of disabled eagles were treated to a special flight on El Al.
Israel and Jordan announced the issuing of an international tender for the construction of a water canal between the Red Sea and the shrinking Dead Sea.
Israel has long been a leader in solar energy innovation. Now, a brand new solar park in the Negev will light 15,000 homes with energy from the sun.


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