Monday, October 16, 2017
The Marshall Islands, a tiny Pacific nation, will soon have its first water purification vehicle – thanks to the Israel.
Israel is among the 50 nations gathered in Washington DC this week to discuss sustainable development and climate change.
The fires have killed at least 10 people in the area. No one at the camp was hurt.
An international effort to clean up the Mediterranean Sea will not be complete by 2020.
Israel’s water authority, Mekorot, has teamed up with the Mexico's Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources to help clean up Mexico’s water supply.
Israel has long been a leader in solar energy innovation. Now, a brand new solar park in the Negev will light 15,000 homes with energy from the sun.
The largest slaughterhouse in Israel has been closed down indefinitely after allegations of animal abuse were made at the plant.
Israeli security expertise is being used to help stop elephant poachers.
Community leaders said there was no choice but to cancel and urge people to stay home.
Israeli biotech company Homebiogas installed the first bio-digester system that turns organic waste into clean renewable energy at an orphanage in Uganda.


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