Monday, July 13, 2020
Two groups of fruit flies living in Israel’s ‘Evolution Canyon’ each have unique DNA, according to research published by Virginia Tech.
Sesame is an important ingredient in tahini, hummus and other Israeli specialties.
Every year, air pollution kills 7 million people around the world.
When it comes to architecture, Israel must create its own solutions.
Israel's desert agriculturalists have added a bit of whimsy to this year's produce.
The project, called Nature Defense Forces, will use private funds to clean up areas in and around Army bases throughout Israel.
After many years of being scarce in Israel, owls are once again thriving in the country’s forests and agricultural areas.
Israeli researchers develop real-time bird tracking system.
The largest slaughterhouse in Israel has been closed down indefinitely after allegations of animal abuse were made at the plant.
Israel, Jordan and Palestine have signed a historic agreement aimed at crucial water preservation.
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