Friday, May 25, 2018
Israeli biotech company Homebiogas installed the first bio-digester system that turns organic waste into clean renewable energy at an orphanage in Uganda.
With Israel apparently approaching a fifth consecutive dry year, the Sea of Galilee has dropped to dangerously low levels.
Scientists combing the ocean depths have made a find about the frequency with which stars beyond our solar system produce heavy elements gold and uranium.
Sinkholes are popping up nearly everyday by the Dead Sea.
Israel, Jordan and Palestine have signed a historic agreement aimed at crucial water preservation.
The hard winter caused a Passover crisis for Bubbes in the Great Lakes region. Whitefish, an ingredient in gefilte fish recipes, is in short supply.
Every year, air pollution kills 7 million people around the world.
A grove of trees has been saved after Tel Aviv residents protested a city plan to remove the trees from school grounds.
Israel and Jordan announced the issuing of an international tender for the construction of a water canal between the Red Sea and the shrinking Dead Sea.
The Israeli government has unanimously approved a plan to reduce the country's emission of greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency.


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