Friday, August 18, 2017
Sunscreen is an important way to prevent sun cancer. It is also putting the ocean's coral at risk.
The Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry is behind a campaign to ban the distribution of plastic bags at retail outlets.
While the fates of Israel’s Tamar, Leviathan, and Tanin natural gas reserves have yet to be decided, oil has been found in the Israel’s Golan Heights area.
The director of the Ein Afek Nature Reserve in northern Israel’s Acre Valley wetlands received international recognition recently for her efforts in restoring the man-made wetlands nature reserve. Giselle Hazzan, who is the first Arab woman to become a...
Renowned animal rights activist and Holocaust survivor shares his expertise with the next generation of Israeli changemakers.
Sesame is an important ingredient in tahini, hummus and other Israeli specialties.
Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is cracking down on illegal waste dumps in the West Bank.
An Israeli woman has turned her love of snakes and desire to help others into a unique business.
The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life also was among two dozen religious groups in the plea on an agreement that seeks to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
With a population boom expected by 2030, innovations should be focused on creating greener urban spaces to accommodate a growing trend toward urbanization.


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