Friday, February 21, 2020
An Israeli company is turning CO2 and industrial waste water into energy.
Every year, air pollution kills 7 million people around the world.
Tu B’Shvat—the Jewish New Year for trees—grew out of the tithes (the amount Jewish law requires to be donated) taken from the produce grown in Israel.
A new plan aims to make the Knesset building one of the most environmentally-friendly parliament structures in the world.
An Israeli farmer is working to solve world hunger with an environmentally-friendly product that stops produce from rotting.
Israel is teaming up with California to help the embattled state with its drought problem.
Israel has long been a leader in solar energy innovation. Now, a brand new solar park in the Negev will light 15,000 homes with energy from the sun.
Nature and Parks Authority save rare vulture chick after parents are poisoned.
An Israeli woman has turned her love of snakes and desire to help others into a unique business.
Amos Porat, director of Israel Meterological Service's Climate Change division, said the lack of rainfall is due to a weather phenomena called 'blocking.'


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