Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Tu B’Shvat—the Jewish New Year for trees—grew out of the tithes (the amount Jewish law requires to be donated) taken from the produce grown in Israel.
Fourteen international teams of birders will soon descend on Israel to participate in Champions of the Flyway.
The IDF is increasing its use of green energy, replacing expensive diesel generators that pollute the environment.
Israel and Jordan announced the issuing of an international tender for the construction of a water canal between the Red Sea and the shrinking Dead Sea.
The Israeli government has unanimously approved a plan to reduce the country's emission of greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency.
Four months after the Health Ministry issued a warning about air quality in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, bus commuters are still at risk.
An Israeli entrepreneur is combining modern technology with an age-old technique that combines fishing with agriculture.
A new center is helping visitors learn more about Israel's agricultural success in the desert.
Ben Gurion University of the Negev has teamed up with a leading Canadian university to build a world-class ocean research center in Eilat.
The project, called Nature Defense Forces, will use private funds to clean up areas in and around Army bases throughout Israel.


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