Friday, September 20, 2019
Sunscreen is an important way to prevent sun cancer. It is also putting the ocean's coral at risk.
Fourteen international teams of birders will soon descend on Israel to participate in Champions of the Flyway.
Two groups of fruit flies living in Israel’s ‘Evolution Canyon’ each have unique DNA, according to research published by Virginia Tech.
The Blue Going Green campaign is working to make the IAF more environmentally friendly, so that it will be a net-zero-energy air force by 2033.
Israel has long been a leader in solar energy innovation. Now, a brand new solar park in the Negev will light 15,000 homes with energy from the sun.
TAU team develops one-of-a-kind thunderstorm map to help better understand climate change.
An Israeli patent attorney has turned his passion for gardening into a way to feed Israel's poor.
Leaders of three faiths came together recently to discuss the need to take action to clean up the Jordan River.
While the fates of Israel’s Tamar, Leviathan, and Tanin natural gas reserves have yet to be decided, oil has been found in the Israel’s Golan Heights area.
The Marshall Islands, a tiny Pacific nation, will soon have its first water purification vehicle – thanks to the Israel.


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