Monday, July 23, 2018
Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is cracking down on illegal waste dumps in the West Bank.
The $6.7 million collaboration will focus on developing more efficient ways to extract shale oils and other gases.
A team of researchers have found that rainbow coral could help find a cure for cancer.
When it comes to architecture, Israel must create its own solutions.
Nature and Parks Authority save rare vulture chick after parents are poisoned.
The last of the wild-born monkeys leave Mazor Farms for good.
Netanyahu and Trump agree on the dangers of extremist Islamism. Global warming? Not so much.
An Israeli farmer is working to solve world hunger with an environmentally-friendly product that stops produce from rotting.
To help save on water usage, Caspi uses a drip irrigation system developed in Israel that uses far less water to keep plants healthy.
An Israeli company familiar with the struggles of a drought-stricken land are constructing a massive desalination plant in San Diego County, California.


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