Friday, August 18, 2017
An Italian energy company has announced the discovery of a supergiant natural gas field near the coast of Israel.
In order to get objects moved and to the right place, ants rely on a leader or scout ant to emerge and help steer the group and direct the operation.
Israel is teaming up with California to help the embattled state with its drought problem.
Israeli researchers learn that bonobos are capable of making and using tools.
The director of the Ein Afek Nature Reserve in northern Israel’s Acre Valley wetlands received international recognition recently for her efforts in restoring the man-made wetlands nature reserve. Giselle Hazzan, who is the first Arab woman to become a...
Environmentalists and scientists have long warned that the planet is in crisis. Yet, the problem seems so huge few individuals know how to help.
A team of researchers have found that rainbow coral could help find a cure for cancer.
Israeli researchers find evidence of prehistoric man-made pollution.
The largest slaughterhouse in Israel has been closed down indefinitely after allegations of animal abuse were made at the plant.
Israeli Wildlife Hospital get international help to save a young bird.


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