Friday, July 21, 2017
Jean-Luc Melenchon called it "totally unacceptable" to say that "France, as a people, as a nation, is responsible for this crime."
According to the National Antisemitic Crime Audit released by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, anti-Semitic crime in 2016 rose 44 percent from 2014.
At least 80 people were killed when fire swept through the low-income, high-rise Grenfell Tower apartment building in West London, which Nazim Ali called a "grotesque' comparison.
The move comes two months after Belgium's largest region, Walloon, passed similar legislation.
Britain's chief rabbi offered prayers and a local synagogue put out an appeal to help the victims in a blaze that has killed at least six, with many missing and feared dead.
Watchdogs and activists say authorities are covering up the anti-Semitic motivation behind a brutal crime.
The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors or of those who grew up behind the Iron Curtain, young European Jews are creating projects outside of existing communal structures.
The train station functioned as a concentration camp even before Jews were being murdered en masse in Auschwitz.
The attacks are being investigated as "anti-Semitic hate crimes," police said.
A “núcleo duro" or "hard core" of four women bring progressive Judaism to the Spanish capital — a departure from the city’s traditionally Orthodox-dominated Jewish life.


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