Monday, April 24, 2017
Famous Jewish People

Famous Jewish People

One of 11 children, Yossef Romano was a big, but gentle man.
Primo Levi was born into an Italian Jewish family in the northern industrial city of Turin in 1919.
When he died, Joseph Pulitzer left a vast estate and one of the most prestigious legacies in the world of English language writing.
His fate was to be a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who wrote German poetry—and the fraught tensions inherent in this defined his life and work.
Fiorello La Guardia was a reformist who cleaned up New York politics sullied by the corruption stemming from almost continuous rule from Tammany Hall.
Normally one interesting life would suffice, but Romain Gary had several.
Legendary journalist Mike Wallace, who in April 2012 at 93, was a passionate, provocative interviewer.
There are few issues as emotionally charged and divisive among American Jews as the case of Jonathan Pollard.
Actors and sports stars, writers and gangsters, they all flocked to the short, stout Jewish woman’s house. And so did the police. This is the remarkable story of Polly Adler—a 20th century American tale of overcoming adversity through hard work…and...
The life of Sir Julius Vogel got off to a rather inauspicious start.


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