Saturday, March 17, 2018
A Trefa Banquet reflected the reality of the ways American Jews engage with food and Judaism, writes the keynote speaker at a recent Trefa Banquet.
The "tipa tomato," or "drop tomato," is the size of a blueberry and also the sweetest of its kind on earth.
Are hummus and pita Israeli or Arab? As always, Twitter users have opinions.
Even European Jews have adopted the sfinj and helped push it toward the limelight.
Kosherfest, the world's largest kosher trade show, featured some unusual finds, such as patterned matzah and salted caramel frozen pizza.
The grocery chain is now selling the iconic Israeli peanut snack in its stores.
“I realized there is an urgency on capturing theses stories because the older generation is about to leave the world," said the society's Israeli-born founder.
Mark Reinfeld says tradition urges Jews to make the "compassionate choice" when it comes to eating.
In "The Cooking Gene," Michael Twitty explores the culinary heritage of African-Americans in the South and draws parallels to Jewish history.
The owner of Philadelphia's Zahav is often credited with spreading the popularity of Israeli, Sephardic-style food in America.


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