Friday, April 27, 2018
Michele Grant of popular LA food truck The Kosher Palate was inspired to bridge the worlds of kosher food and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.
The Bnei Menashe community prepared for Passover matzah in Churandapur, a district in the northeastern part of India.
The US unofficially celebrated National Bagel Day on Sunday; but bagel dominance might be moving north.
Jewish groups were troubled last month when the Department of Defense dropped a request for bids to make kosher field rations, known as Meals Ready to Eat.
The Renaissance woman has developed a following as a parenting blogger for Jewish site Kveller, and recently published a book of vegan recipes for families.
Jarred Randall is planning to modernize Jewish cuisine for one night at new pop-up restaurant Fatboy Secrets.
A schnitzel food stand has opened a permanent location in Manhattan, further promoting the Ashkenazi/Israeli delicacy.
The kitchen of Pope Francis’ Vatican residence was made kosher for a day last week, as the pontiff hosted a delegation of rabbis from his native Argentina.
Austin, Texas is the bohemian capital of the Lone Star State, and its food scene reflects that.
A Florida judge has made a ruling that is sure to have brisket fans as steamed as a pastrami.


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