Friday, April 10, 2020
Trevor Graham has a crazy theory: hummus can bring peace to the Middle East.
Ernie Fleischman, at 93, is believed to be the oldest working kosher butcher in New York.
Just one show from the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus has over 300 performers and crew traveling the country. And those people have to eat.
A sole Jewish mother is offering Israeli dishes that have not only won over locals, but could revitalize Jewish tourism in Jamaica.
Jewish learning organization Limmud NY recently held their annual retreat, full of workshops, classes, and panel discussions.
In just a few years, Zane Caplansky has gone from an itinerant meat smoker, to one of Toronto’s biggest culinary celebrities.
Hummus’ popularity in the US is growing so rapidly, it is changing the nation’s agriculture.
There may not have been any Jews on the field at this past weekend’s Super Bowl XLVIII, but there were plenty in the stands.
The Canadian Girl Guides were eager to sell cookies, but there was one problem: they weren’t allowed to bring the cookies into the shul where the unit met.
Five months after a factory fire halted production, Gabila’s Famous Coney Island Square Knishes are back on store shelves, in delis, and at food carts.


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