Thursday, October 18, 2018
Jewish groups were troubled last month when the Department of Defense dropped a request for bids to make kosher field rations, known as Meals Ready to Eat.
Listen as I explain that Parashat Shemini teaches us the idea of kosher in order to stay holy.
Baku, the capital city of the central Asian nation Azerbaijan, recently allocated land for its first modern kosher restaurant.
A new diet fad based on the Jewish Biblical figure Daniel may not be as healthy as it seems.
The US unofficially celebrated National Bagel Day on Sunday; but bagel dominance might be moving north.
Florida is struggling to comply with a judge’s decision that all prison inmates who request kosher meals must be provided with them.
A Jewish hospital in Montreal has leveled a new accusation against a proposed law that seeks to ban religion from the public sector.
Jarred Randall is planning to modernize Jewish cuisine for one night at new pop-up restaurant Fatboy Secrets.
A Jewish cooking school has stepped up to recreate iconic knishes not currently available due to a factory fire.
China's state-owned Bright Food is in negotiations with Tnuva, Israel’s largest food company.


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