Tuesday, August 20, 2019
The chocolate Hanukkah gelt children love began as a tradition of giving actual coins for the holiday.
James Deen loves food. In fact, that’s the name of his running food blog.
A San Francisco pop-up restaurant serving (sort of) fresh New York bagels last week drew hours-long lines--and ended up turning away many empty handed.
Tel Aviv’s Shuk Levinsky has offered spices and delicacies for generations, and is quickly becoming one of the city’s most hip destinations
A cookbook written by an Israeli-born chef and his associate won at the 2016 James Beard Foundation Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards.
Wexler could already coast on his Jewish food accomplishments. But the chef celebrity is expanding his range with a new deli at the Grand Central Market.
Israeli-born chef Alon Shaya was named the best chef in the South by the James Beard Foundation.
Jewish learning organization Limmud NY recently held their annual retreat, full of workshops, classes, and panel discussions.
Since 2014, the organization Hazon has been the leading voice of environmental sustainability in Judaism.
China's state-owned Bright Food is in negotiations with Tnuva, Israel’s largest food company.


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