Monday, June 26, 2017
Kosher food producer Manischewitz produces a viral video of a turkey rap-battling a dreidel for Thanksgivukah dominance.
China's state-owned Bright Food is in negotiations with Tnuva, Israel’s largest food company.
Groups are up in arms after it became clear that the managers from the Adom Adom slaughterhouse controversy will not be prosecuted on animal abuse charges.
Two sandwich experts say they have found the best sammie in the world. And it’s pastrami.
An Israeli restaurant near Netanya has recently started to offer 50% off of each plate of hummus at tables that have Jews and Arabs eating together.
The Middle East’s favorite fast food is about to make a splash in the US.
SodaStream, the Israeli company that brought homemade carbonated drinks to kitchens, is introducing the Beer Bar, its first homemade brew.
A schnitzel food stand has opened a permanent location in Manhattan, further promoting the Ashkenazi/Israeli delicacy.
Long disdained, Polish food is having a revival of sorts in Israeli cooking.
Katz’s Deli slapped another food business with a $1 million lawsuit for copyright infringement this week.


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