Saturday, March 25, 2017
Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, a city known for its high Jewish population, has now opened its first glatt kosher food stand serving hot dogs.
It's the first professional culinary arts training course established by the Ministry of Economy together with Hilton Hotels Israel.
A Hebrew University researcher has discovered a way to increase the yield and nutritional quality of the important but challenging food crop, sesame seeds.
Israeli-born chef Alon Shaya was named the best chef in the South by the James Beard Foundation.
The twentysomethings are serving up shakshuka, the Middle Eastern egg-and-tomatoes dish, on the streets of Manhattan.
A schnitzel food stand has opened a permanent location in Manhattan, further promoting the Ashkenazi/Israeli delicacy.
James Deen loves food. In fact, that’s the name of his running food blog.
Starting a kosher food business where employees have to be educated not only on their jobs, but on basic life skills? That’s a task for a real mensch.
In a recent video from MTV’s "After Hours with Josh Horowitz," Jeff Goldblum announces that his latest venture is a restaurant.
For the second time, New York bagels were flown in overnight for hungry San Franciscans; but this time, there were no hour-long lines or bagel shortages.


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