Saturday, June 6, 2020
Israeli researchers are growing human bones outside the body using an innovative process that turns fat cells into bone.
Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical Center announced the establishment of the first interdisciplinary autism center in the Middle East.
A Memorandum of Understanding brings together Israeli and US researchers to join forces in the fight against neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s.
The Dream Doctors clowning team have launched a pilot program to help moms in labor.
For the first time in history, the elite Duvdevan Unit’s official doctor is a woman.
Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem find the missing piece of the liver puzzle, creating functional liver cells from stem cells.
Hebrew University researchers are hoping to fight drug-resistant bacteria with a virus they discovered in Jerusalem sewage.
Israeli scientists' new modeling method to study shingles could help eliminate the need for animal testing.
Tel Aviv University research may lead to early detection and better treatment.
When told her son would be confined to a wheelchair, this Israeli mom decided she would build a device to allow him to stand and walk like everyone else.
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