Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Two separate teams led by American researchers are trying to use computing algorithms to solve two of the greatest remaining enigmas concerning the Holocaust.
"I’m very, very proud that I have a family member who showed that type of courage and decency,” says the Vermont Independent.
Jews in Newark didn't stay quiet when Nazis started organizing in their city.
A fire on Aug. 18, 1917, destroyed much of the Greek city, which was heavily populated by Jews.
Hans and Margret Rey packed sketches of the character who would become George as they fled Paris ahead of the Nazi occupation.
In the new PBS documentary "Shalom Italia," the entertaining Anati brothers retrace a harrowing past — and enjoy delicious food along the way.
The Ets Haim library in Amsterdam is the oldest functioning institution of its kind. Now Israel is storing its unique collection safely and digitally, making its treasure accessible to all.
These standout analyses challenge traditional narratives about the war or highlight fresh aspects of its influence.
Israel was prepared to detonate a nuclear bomb in the Sinai to turn the tide of the 1967 war with its Arab neighbors if necessary, The New York Times reported.
The family of a "Schindler's List" survivor gave a collection that the museum's director called "the biggest gain for decades in the history of our archive."


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