Wednesday, June 20, 2018
“Having survived the Holocaust, having a family, being successful, this is my victory. I won.”
The heartwarming story of Tedje and Mejier, the subject of a popular documentary in Holland, has a dark side.
The crash killed 21 people, including 12 Jews, and occurred a day after the infamous AMIA Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aires.
The document's value "justifies research into it,” said the Amsterdam the museum for the teenage diarist about the dirty jokes and sex tips that they glean from her notebook.
Small-town papers and newsreels brought news of Nazi atrocities, but isolationist sentiment ran high in the years after the Depression.
“Jewish Americans have helped guide the moral character of our Nation,” Trump's proclamation said.
Mrs. Reynolds, a dark-haired beauty who handled presidential correspondence, lived in Virginia and had a pronounced Southern accent.
The German composer wrote of "the destructive influence of the Jewish spirit on modern culture” in France.
American Jews largely supported Zionism when Israel declared independence in 1948. In the subsequent years, they got used to having a Jewish country across the ocean.
Artifacts sent from Jerusalem to New York include manuscripts written from the 14th – 19th centuries in Iran, Spain, India and the Ottoman Empire.


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