Monday, June 26, 2017
The judge awarded Renee Rabinowitz, 83, about $1,800 in compensation and ordered the airline to declare that it is forbidden for a crew member to ask a passenger to change seats at the request of another passenger based on gender.
Current and former Israeli officials take seriously the terror group's claim of responsibility in the stabbing death of an Israeli policewoman.
The United Torah Judaism and Shas parties submitted the proposal, which would return to "status quo" at the Western Wall, to the Prime Minister's Office in recent days, Army Radio first reported.
The assailants attacked a group of officers with knives in the Old City, with one reportedly holding a gun that jammed.
Renana Meir, who witnessed the murder of her mother, Dafna, in January 2016 in a terror attack in their home, was married in a ceremony near Jerusalem on Sunday.
Parents have lined up to enroll their kids at Gan Keshet, a preschool in the desert where open fires are part of the curriculum. Educators across Israel are taking notice.
Talleen Abu Hana spoke at a reception celebrating LGBT Pride Month at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Nechama Spiegel Novak, a mother of four from Jerusalem, has been flying for Israel's national earlier since earlier this year.
We must "put our suspicions to the side," Reuven Rivlin told his guests at an Iftar feast marking the end of the day's fasting for Ramadan.
A number of right-wing voices on campus said action was needed to address the politicization of academia, which is widely seen as left-leaning.


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