Tuesday, October 15, 2019
He’s the oldest head of state in the world, and it seems like he’s been around forever, but there may be some things you’ve yet to learn about Shimon Peres.
Steven Spielberg is arguably one of the most prominent Jewish American film directors/screenwriters/producers of all time.
Ted Koppel is a Jewish news broadcaster well known the world over.
Jerry Lewis is a beloved comedian and national treasure, but this nice Jewish boy from New Jersey came from much simpler beginnings.
Carole King is an iconic Jewish singer/songwriter, who has been active in the industry for more than 45 years.
Mark Spitz is a legendary swimmer and arguably the greatest Jewish athlete on Earth.
Neil Diamond is a national Jewish treasure, a Grammy Award winner and an artist who has sold over 125 million records around the world.
Not all companies that collaborated with the Nazis or used concentration camp slave labor are open about the past.
There’s more to Howard than just fun and flash, and we’ve compiled here five facts on the man everyone loves to be shocked by.
Statesman and retired general Ariel Sharon served as Israel's 11th Prime Minister. Learn more about this leader by clicking through these slides.


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