Friday, July 17, 2020
As one of the best selling singers and most awarded actresses in history, this musician/performer/director has earned her spot among Hollywood royalty.
Here are five fun facts about Academy Award wining actor Dustin Hoffman.
There’s more to Howard than just fun and flash, and we’ve compiled here five facts on the man everyone loves to be shocked by.
Statesman and retired general Ariel Sharon served as Israel's 11th Prime Minister. Learn more about this leader by clicking through these slides.
Billy Crystal—actor, writer, producer, director--is a beloved American icon.
In the spirit of the reinvention of Hollywood, here are a few Jewish celebrities whose real names might surprise you.
Though J.D. Salinger published just four books during his lifetime, he remains one of the most definitive writers of the 20th century.
Lefty pitcher Sandy Koufax played his entire Major League Baseball career for the Dodgers. Learn more about this outstanding Jewish athlete.
Many aren’t aware of the number of products that derive from Israeli inventions. Scroll to learn more about Israel's innovations through the years.
A lot has been said, written and even sung (thanks to Taylor Swift's "All Too Well") about Jake Gyllenhaal. Find out just a bit more about this Jewish hunk.
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