Monday, July 23, 2018
The 200,000 Jews who report visiting the Western Wall during the day of mourning are almost exclusively religious Jews.
Georgette Kennebrae says people sometimes assume that she's a member of the synagogue janitorial staff rather than the clergy.
A siddur with the Women of the Wall logo was set on fire as thousands gathered to protest the activist group's monthly service.
“It was clear that there were things going on that were problematic, to say the least, and that this person went to great lengths to cover up what was happening,“ said the executive director of Mayyim Hayyim.
The proposal, which also would recognize non-Orthodox conversions abroad, was met with opposition from haredi Orthodox and religious Zionist rabbis.
Critics accused the Chief Rabbinate of widening the divide between Israel and American Jews.
The letter written by a a senior member of Israel’s Rabbinical Courts states that rabbis who were ordained by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, established by Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Bronx in 1999, "call themselves Orthodox," and "are not recognized by the Rabbinate of Israel.”
“I will describe myself as a rabbi, that’s what I’ve trained to do," said Dina Brawer, a graduate of Yeshivat Maharat in New York.
Sunday's event was planned by three non-Jewish friends after a man was attacked while wearing a yarmulke.
“Today, we all wear kippah," Berlin's mayor said at an event held in response to an anti-Semitic incident there last week.


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