Tuesday, January 16, 2018
What started out as a fun holiday activity in the U.S. has become a way for Hungarian Jews to reunite and reclaim their identity after Nazi and communist oppression.
The prime minister reportedly reiterated the projection in several private talks.
Three days of protests react to the prison sentences of two yeshiva students for dodging the draft.
Sukkahs all over the world are used to build bridges between people of different backgrounds.
What's a Jew to do with shortages in the four species? Some cooperate interdenominationally, others break the rules.
The Facebook founder has posted pictures of challah and invoked Yom Kippur.
A survey finds diversity when it comes to women's roles, accepting gay synagogue members and attachment to Israel.
Most of us aren't liars or thieves, But we've all said words that hurt, writes a New Jersey rabbi.
In a message sent ahead of Rosh Hashanah, the president wished Jews "a sweet, healthy, and peaceful year."
A new brand identity for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is about embracing the "emerging future," writes its chief executive officer.


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