Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Last year, the IDF set up a field hospital to treat wounded Syrian civilians near the northern border.
An 18-year-old Israeli teen was killed in a West Bank stabbing attack in the third of three attacks of alleged Palestinian violence on Monday.
The Israeli Defense Forces went far beyond its legal obligation last summer during its Gaza operation to prevent civilian casualties, according to a report.
Israel’s military intercepted a shipment of Iranian missiles en route to terror groups in the Gaza Strip.
Israel struck targets in the southern Gaza Strip today, killing three Islamic Jihad terrorists.
Tony Blair will step down as the special Middle East peace envoy of the Quartet group representing the US, the EU, Russia and the United Nations.
Between the threat of Hezbollah and the Syrian Civil War, the IDF observes a vulnerable security situation with the threat of radical Islam.
Israel and Jordan have signed a groundbreaking deal that will see the Jewish state provide $500 million worth of gas to the Hashemite kingdom.
Palestinian terror group Hamas, the under-pressure organization in control of the Gaza Strip, have found themselves in a seemingly mismatched alliance.
A Filipino tourist and Israeli bus driver were injured near Jerusalem's Old City on Wednesday night, in two separate incidents of bus attacks by Palestinians.


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