Friday, June 23, 2017
Israel has temporarily barred construction materials from entering Gaza after finding that Hamas was diverting some of the materials for its own use.
In a combined effort between the Israeli Navy, ISA, and the Israeli Police, forces arrested fisherman Salim Jamal Hassan Na’aman in April 2016.
Hamas security forces have banned a Palestinian writer, Atef Abu Saif, from attending a book fair in Morocco.
Israel’s military intercepted a shipment of Iranian missiles en route to terror groups in the Gaza Strip.
Pope Francis’s highly anticipated trip to Israel in May will go on as scheduled despite worries over the effect of the Israeli Foreign Ministry strike.
The survey released Wednesday found that 44 percent of Palestinians back the two-state solution, a decline from 51 percent who supported this approach in a similar survey from June.
A little girl wounded in a terror attack two years ago has died in connection to her injuries.
Israel has deployed Iron Dome anti-missile defense systems along its Northern border, in prep for retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrike on Syria.
With their country maintaining a policy of noninterference, giving money has been a way for Israelis to respond to the brutal-six year conflict.
The man was shot in the chest during violent clashes with IDF troops in the village of Nebi Saleh.


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