Thursday, February 21, 2019
Bahrain and Sudan joined Saudi Arabia in severing ties with Iran amidst escalating tensions set off by the execution of a Shiite clerk in Saudi Arabia.
Jews have no right to pray at the Western Wall, according to two Palestinian officials.
Israel closed its borders with Egypt and Gaza after Islamic State, or ISIS, terror attacks on Egyptian army checkpoints in the northern Sinai.
Iran has been studying Israeli military strategy for years, reports a news outlet in the Islamic republic.
A poll shows only a third of Palestinians are satisfied with the results of the latest Gaza campaign and over half want to leave.
From ISIS in Sinai and Hamas in Gaza to Hezbollah in Lebanon, asymmetrical warfare is a key challenge the IDF faces.
Israel has temporarily barred construction materials from entering Gaza after finding that Hamas was diverting some of the materials for its own use.
Israel was outraged to learn that the U.N.'s heritage body was planning to adopt a resolution declaring the Temple Mount sacred to 'Muslims only.'
IDF soldiers, upset over an Israeli NGO's claims that they abused Palestinians during fighting in Gaza, have taken to social media to fight the allegations.
Palestinian President Abbas says he will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, despite claims he would sit at the negotiating table without preconditions.


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