Monday, January 20, 2020
ISA, IDF, and Israeli police uncovered and apprehended a large Hamas terror ring in the area of Abu Dis, near Jerusalem.
A 4-year-old Syrian war refugee recently underwent life-saving surgery at the pediatric cardiology ward of the Sheba Medical Center in Israel.
Hezbollah blamed Israel for an attack that killed one of its commanders, Hassan al-Laqqis, despite the fact that a jihadist group claimed responsibility.
Dozens of rioters in Gaza stormed a United Nations compound after the UN said that it was halting payments to Gazan families due to a lack of funds.
Israel has attacked dozens of arms shipments on their way to the terrorist group Hezbollah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged.
John Kerry left the Jewish state late today after adding extra days to his time in the Middle East, in an aim to continue talks in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Ahead of the deadline to agree on a nuclear deal, Iranian parliament has voted to ban international access to its military sites, documents, and scientists.
Netanyahu on Sunday accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of encouraging terrorism in Israel while condemning terrorism abroad.
A pair of rockets fired from Syria exploded in Israel’s Golan Heights today, signifying a new peak in tensions being felt in Israel's northern borders.
A stabbing attack on a bus in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning has left at least eleven people wounded.


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