Sunday, April 30, 2017
The IDF announced the deployment of a tactical radar system in southern Israel, designed to warn residents of incoming mortar attacks from the Gaza Strip.
A group of international military experts submitted a report to the UN, with their analysis of Israeli and Palestinian actions during the '14 Gaza conflict.
Trump would retreat from the longstanding American commitment to establish a Palestinian state if elected president, an adviser to the GOP candidate said.
ISIS released a video today that appeared to show the execution of an Israeli Arab that the terror group claims was operating as a Mossad spy.
Two attacks in Israel today have left at least five dead, including one American on the Birthright program, Israeli media is reporting.
Israel has uncovered a network operated by Hamas to acquire and smuggle materials used for strengthening the organization’s military infrastructure.
Avera Mengistu is a 28-year-old Israeli-Ethiopian Jew who crossed the border to the Gaza Strip in September last year and has been missing ever since.
The Israel Defense Forces has destroyed remnants of a terror tunnel stretching between the Gaza Strip and Kibbutz Nahal Oz, near the Israel-Gaza border.
The Israeli Defense Forces went far beyond its legal obligation last summer during its Gaza operation to prevent civilian casualties, according to a report.
The IDF Mechanical Engineering Company of the Northern Division in Gaza faces many challenges.


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