Monday, June 25, 2018
ISA, IDF, and Israeli police uncovered and apprehended a large Hamas terror ring in the area of Abu Dis, near Jerusalem.
Russia, which backs Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad, summoned its envoy, Gary Koren, on Friday less than 24 hours after the Israeli military action on Thursday night.
"Not only will the transfer of the embassy not harm the peace process, but quite the opposite. It will advance it by correcting a historic injustice."
An Israeli Bedouin elementary school teacher was sentenced to 4 years prison Thursday after the Beersheba District Court convicted him of supporting ISIS.
Hamas had asked permission to search the tunnel's ruins for the bodies of the Islamic Jihad terrorists.
The IDF Mechanical Engineering Company of the Northern Division in Gaza faces many challenges.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the king of Jordan yesterday, to discuss strengthening ties and the current Palestinian peace process.
Wendy Sherman, US Undersecretary of State, was in Israel over the weekend meeting with leaders in Jerusalem regarding ongoing P5+1 nuclear talks in Vienna.
The Palestinians must recognize Israel and Hamas has to halt all terrorist activities, the Netanyahu government said.
With their country maintaining a policy of noninterference, giving money has been a way for Israelis to respond to the brutal-six year conflict.


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