Sunday, April 22, 2018
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has said it will pause arms smuggling efforts into Gaza until it can determine who is leaking intel to Israel.
Israeli President Shimon Peres sat down for a live interview with Arab news site Panet today, answering questions from citizens from across the Middle East.
Israel’s military intercepted a shipment of Iranian missiles en route to terror groups in the Gaza Strip.
Iran has been studying Israeli military strategy for years, reports a news outlet in the Islamic republic.
Wendy Sherman, US Undersecretary of State, was in Israel over the weekend meeting with leaders in Jerusalem regarding ongoing P5+1 nuclear talks in Vienna.
Israel struck a Hezbollah arms site in Lebanon recently, according to a Lebanese media outlet.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited an IDF base treating Syrian refugees last week.
Israel and Jordan have signed a groundbreaking deal that will see the Jewish state provide $500 million worth of gas to the Hashemite kingdom.
Where in the world is the Apollo of Gaza? Or, perhaps more appropriately, where in the Gaza Strip?
Although 2013 saw fewer rocket attacks than previous years, terrorist organizations in Gaza are actively preparing to attack Israel.


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