Friday, July 21, 2017
The president’s envoy to the region has made economic stimulus in the Palestinian areas a key component of efforts to create the climate for renewed peace talks.
The officials also said that Syrian President Bashar Assad still has up to three tons of chemical weapons, despite agreeing to eliminate his country's stock of such weapons in 2013.
The Shin Bet security service said the explosives were sent by Hamas for used in a terrorist attack on Israeli targets in the "near future."
A required update from the State Department suggests the president has adopted a more toned-down posture related to the Iranian regime.
With their country maintaining a policy of noninterference, giving money has been a way for Israelis to respond to the brutal-six year conflict.
A reported chemical attack in northern Syria that killed dozens sparked the plea for the international community to get involved.
In a security cabinet meeting Thursday night, Netanyahu said any future construction would be limited to existing settlement boundaries or adjacent to them.
In a unanimous vote, senior Israeli lawmakers approved the building of a settlement for Jewish residents who had been living in Amona, a West Bank outpost that was evacuated in February.
Pro-Israel harmony meets anti-occupation protests at the annual gathering of 18,000 activists.
An Israeli army spokesman told Maan that “three suspects exited a vehicle adjacent to the community of Beit El, where the suspects threw firebombs at the community.


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