Friday, June 23, 2017
In a security cabinet meeting Thursday night, Netanyahu said any future construction would be limited to existing settlement boundaries or adjacent to them.
In a unanimous vote, senior Israeli lawmakers approved the building of a settlement for Jewish residents who had been living in Amona, a West Bank outpost that was evacuated in February.
Pro-Israel harmony meets anti-occupation protests at the annual gathering of 18,000 activists.
An Israeli army spokesman told Maan that “three suspects exited a vehicle adjacent to the community of Beit El, where the suspects threw firebombs at the community.
Jordan’s highest court has upheld a lower court decision to deny a U.S. request to extradite a woman who was involved in a suicide bomb attack in Jerusalem that killed 15 people.
Russia, which backs Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad, summoned its envoy, Gary Koren, on Friday less than 24 hours after the Israeli military action on Thursday night.
The strikes were against targets affiliated with Hezbollah, possibly on a weapons shipment to the Shi’ite terrorist group, which is based in Lebanon but is fighting in Syria.
Another positive discussion regarding the shared interest of the United States and Israel in advancing a genuine and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians that strengthens the security of Israel.
The United States called on the United Nations to withdraw a report that accused Israel of committing apartheid against the Palestinians.
President Donald Trump is going to bring about a “historic” deal, the White House has said, one that would “reverberate positively throughout the region and the world.”


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