Sunday, June 17, 2018
Bissy Owa, an up-and-coming performer who is Muslim, said during the radio interview at the Belgian public broadcaster: “F**k the Zionists, revolution, Israel must go, free Palestine.”
"And I feel so Jewish. A lot of my friends are Jewish. My jokes are Jewish. My style is Jewish. And so you feel that you’re just deeply and irrevocably embedded in that story," Brooks said.
To engage interfaith families, organizations must treat interfaith and inmarried couples as equals, writes the founder of InterfaithFamily.
A harrowing journey led Jack Muaawia from Sudan to Israel, where he and other asylum seekers now live in limbo.
The removal followed the posting of a clip of the Nation of Islam leader speaking about “the Satanic Jew.”
There's agreement on the Jewish future between American and Israeli Jews, but not so much on settlements or pluralism or Donald Trump.
“You've got to love the ‘Jew cam’ that seeks out Joe Lieberman like a laser-guided missile every time anyone mentions the word ‘Israel,'" she also wrote.
Clyde Magarelli says Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically related to the ancient Israelites and fewer than a million Jews died in the Holocaust.
Several Muslim and Jewish leaders in the Dallas area offered to meet with the church leadership in an effort to jumpstart a dialogue.
Organizers of a social service summit said they did not want recent comments by the Women's March leader to “overshadow” their message.


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