Wednesday, July 15, 2020
There’s symmetry between the American pledge and the Jewish tradition. Jews already have a pledge of allegiance that is recited daily: the Shema.
Last week’s deaths of Hamas terrorists in the collapse of a terror tunnel coincided with complaints by residents of a town near Gaza of underground digging.
I was able to talk to many Jewish students from around the world about what it is like to be a Jewish student on their university campuses.
A disease so insidious that no vaccine exists has seeped its way into our schools and our churches and our synagogues and our places of political office.
Trump's agenda was filled with Jewish issues: he said he would know the path for Israel-Palestinian peace in 6 months & would have a plan after one sitdown.
'Come on inside. We can offer you something to drink,' the dark haired officer said as he parked his car next to a stone building in Ramallah.
Iran’s drive to achieve nuclear weapons is very far from being the final chapter in the history of its nuclear deceits.
I spent Rosh Hashanah as I always do at Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia. I spent Yom Kippur praying in a small apartment in Mumbai.
Ben Carson chose Thursday, the most violent day of the spate of terror attacks in Jerusalem, to make an argument connecting gun control and the Holocaust.
As we welcome 5776, we in North America are also welcoming Pope Francis, one of the most inspiring religious leaders of our time.
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