Saturday, April 21, 2018
The position of anti-Semitism monitor, mandated by a 2004 law, has not been filled by President Trump in more than a year.
An essay suggesting Jewish men only dated the Christian author to rebel against their tradition set the internet ablaze.
Amud Aish, staffed mostly by children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, has a large collection pertaining to Orthodox rescue efforts.
The "Sex in the City" actress supported an artistic boycott of the West Bank settlement of Ariel.
The Vermont senator also called the situation in Gaza a "humanitarian disaster."
The CEOs of the centrist movement's two umbrella groups are stepping down next year.
Valoree Swanson, a self-described Conservative Republican, deleted a reposted meme from her Valoree Swanson for Texas Facebook page.
Many Jews now say they cannot bring themselves to vote for a party led by Jeremy Corbyn, writes a U.K.-based journalist.
Perhaps funders should spend more on education for children than on shallow engagement for young adults, writes the author of a new study on Jewish philanthropy.
Misguided utterances about black people, monkeys and civil judges are symptoms of a coercive religious bureaucracy, writes the head of Hiddush-Freedom of Religion for Israel.


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