Friday, November 24, 2017
The organizers' call for "unity" feels like a whitewash to those who want an annual rally to stress the politics surrounding the prime minister's assassination.
Mainstream Republicans who declined to call out Bannon when he was in the White House have taken off the gloves as he backs an insurgency.
The prime minister's use of a colloquial term for "sourpusses" has become a media sensation.
Spencer was invited to a meeting in Warsaw organized by the National Social Congress, which posted a photo on its Facebook page with the message: "All different all white."
Britain's chief rabbi emeritus is worried about the "belief in a strong leader," which is the "road that leads to tyranny."
Tomasz Panfil earlier this month wrote an article saying that “after the aggression of Germany into Poland, the situation of the Jews did not look very bad.”
The American Jewish Historical Society didn't "cave" to right-wing pressure -- it was duped by the far left, writes a former JTA managing editor.
The Jewish actress, in a Times op-ed, counsels fellow actresses to be "self-protecting and wise."
Women experts are out there. You just have to make inviting them a priority, writes an editor at
The Jewish comedian also said the president's "happy face" is terrifying.


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