Sunday, January 21, 2018
Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the U.S. embassy could move within a year.
The Palestinian Authority president targeted Israel and President Trump, but the U.S. was still sending its top peace envoy to the Middle East.
Netanyahu accompanied by his wife, Sara, arrived in India on Sunday, the first visit to the country by an Israeli prime minister in 15 years.
President trump wants the "sunset clauses" removed from the Iran nuclear deal in 120 days, or he's done with it, he says.
The vice president will be in Israel on the last two days of his five-day trip this month including Egypt and Jordan, but Palestinian leaders refuse to meet with him.
The iconic talk show host has spoken positively about the Jewish state.
The Democratic Party's official Twitter account tweeted all the kinds of women it hopes to elect to office in the coming year and included "Jewish women" — twice.
Netanyahu reportedly has conditioned his participation in the meeting, which would include Mahmoud Abbas and Jared Kushner, on approval from the Trump administration.
Haley extended an invitation to the 65 countries that did not support the U.N. resolution condemning Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
The vote during Thursday’s meeting was 128 in favor, 9 against, with 35 abstentions.


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