Friday, August 18, 2017
Critics of the Israeli prime minister's visit to Hungary say he ignored the government's alleged promotion of anti-Semitism. But others credit him with promoting considerable progress on this very issue.
The French president went farther in acknowledging collaboration and labeled anti-Zionism a form of racism.
The prime minister reportedly said he was the victim of "a coordinated campaign of leftists who want to undermine my government.”
A majority vote in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is required to impeach a president.
Kushner oversaw the Trump campaign's digital team, which is the newest focus for federal investigators.
Those defending Israel are feeling the effects of the Trump administration's absence of high-ranking U.S. diplomats.
The New York-based lawyer attended Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law and plays the bass trombone in a prestigious amateur orchestra.
What drove India from cool distance to warm embrace when it comes to Israel?
Narendra Modi said Moshe Holtzberg, now 11, was welcome in his country after the boy said he missed India.
Four Jewish Democrats, including three from New York, urged the prime minister to reconsider freezing the deal.


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