Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Black Cube private intelligence agency, with ties to the Mossad, reportedly was hired to discredit Obama officials involved in the Iran nuclear deal, the New Yorkers Ronan Farrow reported.
Simcha Felder, a Democrat who votes with the state Republicans, represents the glowing clout of New York's Orthodox community.
Speaking in English, Mohammad Javad Zarif in a video on YouTube and Twitter accused the U.S. of violating the deal, particularly by “bullying.”
The unusual move reflects discomfort of the Palestinian leader's increasingly radical rhetoric among allies based in liberal societies.
Ever since President Trump announced the US embassy in Israel would be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, you may have been wondering: Why is this a big deal?
The newly-appointed secretary of state's Israel visit came at a particularly fraught time in Israeli-Palestinian relations.
The two leaders spoke on Saturday, hours before Netanyahu met with new U.S. Secretary of State MIke Pompeo, who said that trump would withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal if it could not be fixed to his satisfaction.
The first stage is to appoint an honorary consul to Jerusalem; no timetable was given for an embassy move.
The French leader's speech was mostly a rebuke of President Trump's isolationism and his embrace of strident nationalism.
The president nevertheless said he was "close" to an understanding with Emmanuel Macron, the French leader who favors the deal.


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