Thursday, May 24, 2018
Though the Conservative movement urges outreach to interfaith families, some rabbis say its intermarriage ban presents a hurdle.
The proposal came after a public outcry over the anti-Semitic bullying of a Jewish schoolgirl in Berlin by Muslim classmates.
As anti-Semitism empties some blue-collar areas of Jews, congregations in the city's affluent and safer parts are bursting at the seams.
Raed Saleh says the former Fraenkelufer Synagogue can be a place of healing for Jews, Muslims and Christians.
Evangelical millennials are more ambivalent about the Jewish state than their older counterparts, according to a study.
Tzohar’s “alternative” marriage registration service helps couples navigate the bureaucracy of registering for marriage independent of the rabbinate.
Helen Radkey says at the least, hundreds of Jews killed by the Nazis have been baptized by the church since 2012.
A new Orthodox Union policy spurred the change at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, which has been a pioneer in inclusiveness.
Congregants accuse Chabad of “encouraging its members” to “take over Adath Sharon’s board and to transfer its assets to Chabad.
Rabbis ask why a letter restating longstanding policy was necessary.


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