Thursday, December 13, 2018
Pesach just ended, which probably means you recently spent time ridding your home of any trace of chametz. But what about Fido?
The Israel Bar Association and Tzohar launched the new Prenuptial Agreement to protect and assist the future of Jewish marriage.
The Church of England’s Diocese of Guildford moved to bar Rev. Stephen Sizer from 'speaking on any theme that relates to the situation in the Middle East.'
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) honored Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, with the ADL Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award.
After the premiere of Oprah’s 'Belief' series, the Internet has become fascinated with Mendel Hurwitz, one of the show’s first subjects.
In this week’s parsha we look at the importance of planning ahead.
The next time you enter a shul, think about the fact that you're standing in a place that houses the holy Torah scrolls, a place where G-d is present.
ADL welcomed the Vatican document on Jewish-Catholic relations, calling it a reaffirmation of the positive changes in the Church’s teaching about Jews.
From Oct. 23-24, Jews of all ages and geographic locations will come together to celebrate the Jewish people’s oldest friend: Shabbat.
In this week's parsha, we explore the merits if following the rule of law.


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