Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Four Jewish community centers across the United States and a number of Anti-Defamation League offices have received bomb threats, the sixth such wave since the beginning of the year.
Listen as I explain that Parashat Shemini teaches us the idea of kosher in order to stay holy.
On Monday, Israel held its first ever Tashlich ceremony near the East River at United Nations headquarters.
Evangelical millennials are more ambivalent about the Jewish state than their older counterparts, according to a study.
There is no way of preaching love; if we are genuinely there for our children, they will learn how to care for others.
'From our point of view, as Christians, Israel has done a good job of guaranteeing access to holy sites.'
If we want our child to marry someone who will place importance on Jewish heritage, then we need to instill that value.
In this week’s parsha we look at the importance of planning ahead.
In this week’s parsha we talk about the meaning of independence from material gains.
The United States Postal Service released its annual holiday stamp collection this month, with one Forever stamp commemorating Hanukkah.


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