Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The choice of Marc Schneier, a pioneer in Muslim-Jewish relations, is historic in the parade's 32-year history.
Doorpost Blessing, founded this year, sells mezuzahs bearing verses from the Old or New Testament.
An international delegation at the Vatican said in a document given to Francis that Jews view Catholics as "our partners, close allies, friends and brothers."
Followers of the evangelical movement called the Living Church of God see the High Holidays as celebrating the future return of Jesus.
Speaking of the Jews, one imam beseeched Allah to "annihilate them down to the very last one."
Christians United for Israel activists drew comfort from the presence of Vice President Mike Pence.
Four couples from Lakewood, New Jersey, reportedly defrauded state and federal assistance programs of over $1 million.
Six of eight rabbinical schools surveyed don't have any formalized leave policies in place for new parents.
By contrast, Evangelical pastors are almost all Republicans, as are most Baptists.
Christians United for Israel attracts thousands of Israel supporters for its two-day conference in July in Washington, D.C.


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