Friday, July 21, 2017
The parents, who are expatriate Israelis, and airline differ on the reason.
An email from directors at Camp Nah-Jee-Wah said Daniel Beer showed “gastrointestinal symptoms overnight."
The proposed project for the Shaare Zedek synagogue includes 20 condominiums, with a community center for the synagogue in the building's first three floors.
Molly Yeh, one of the internet's most popular food bloggers, creates recipes that celebrate her dual heritage.
Aaron Rajman, 25, reportedly studied Torah at Chabad and taught children at a local Jewish school.
He also apologized for other offensive content he posted, which included anti-Semitic and racist imagery, and removed it from his Reddit account after CNN discovered his identity.
Pinchas Elya Weinberger, a teacher, apparently died of natural causes, a police investigation found.
Initiated in 2016 by the Trump campaign, the investigation reportedly does not include the former presidential candidate.
The department said it would continue to combat anti-Semitism using tools that were in place before there was an anti-Semitism monitor.
Karen Handel beat the Jewish Democrat by 4 percentage points in a contest that Democrats had hoped would wound Donald Trump's presidency.


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