Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The House speaker said a call to censure the president over his Charlottesville reaction was a "partisan hack-fest."
Donors are making pledges to the Southern Poverty Law Center for every person who shows up at a far-right "free speech" event.
Temple Israel in Alameda, noting the "ongoing expression of bigotry and anti-Semitism," had been bracing for such an attack.
A community leader claimed police did not provide protection during a far-right rally, but the police convinced synagogue's senior rabbi that the the steps they took were effective.
The financial giant is denying allegations that it stopped Rebecca Allen from landing a major account due to her background.
Shulkin is the first Jewish Trump administration official to speak out about the Charlottesville march after the president's daughter Ivanka.
The anti-fascist activists have no problem brawling with neo-Nazis, but have drawn criticism for their violence.
Jewish Republicans were mixed in their reaction to Trump’s statements on the far-right rally.
Anyone looking for moral clarity didn't get it from the White House.
A scholar of extremist politics, Michael Signer has become a target of attacks from the far right.


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