Thursday, February 22, 2018
Jennifer Mendelsohn is using hard data to back up the idea that America is a nation of immigrants.
Three boys accused Shmuel Krawatsky of touching them inappropriately at camp in 2015, though he denies any wrongdoing.
Jewish Congress members who sympathized with the protesters posted video and photos on social media.
Samuel Woodward, 20, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon for the alleged murder.
The former Navy SEAL admitted to having an affair with his accuser but denied her claim that he had threatened to publish compromising photographs of her.
The Penn student was last seen five days ago at a local park with a high school friend.
The Jewish CNN anchor unleashed on several countries that he said have “rather questionable records of their own.”
The groups worry that the bill will gut entitlements like Medicare.
Juan Thompson threatened Jewish institutions as part of a revenge plot against a former girlfriend.
HIAS and local Jewish Family Service organizations say there is no evidence that resettlement harms the United States.


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