Monday, October 16, 2017
By providing many services in one place, the new-look complex hopes to pioneer a model of care as the elderly population swells.
An onslaught of attacks and threats by neo-Nazis drew an outpouring of national support.
If you thought the typical Dreamer was a Mexican-born high-school senior in Arizona, think again.
An array of Jewish groups have long argued that houses of worship should be entitled to the same disaster assistance as community centers and zoos.
There will be an “increased and highly visible police presence,”the university said in a statement.
The 32-year-old tech entrepreneur is a long-shot candidate with a wide-ranging platform that includes creating a human rights center and legalizing marijuana.
The woman states that she was "poisoned" by the restaurant.
Jewish social service agencies are staying in touch with elderly clients and urging them to get out of harm's way.
Trump said the program was unconstitutional, but indicated he would sign legislation to accommodate the so-called dreamers.
The cause of death of Malky Lebowitz, a 21-year-old who left the Satmar community, is being investigated.


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