The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (known as “The Fellowship”) has launched a massive interfaith lobbying campaign to rally Christians across the U.S. to urge Congress to nix the Iran nuclear deal.

According to The Fellowship, the campaign seeks to capitalize “on the mutual understanding between Jews and Christians that Iran and its Islamic fundamentalist allies have been persecuting Christian and Jewish minorities in recent years and cannot be trusted to abide by international law.”

As part of the campaign, The Fellowship has launched a video reminiscent of the Cold War-era “Daisy” television ad that was used in the 1964 presidential campaign.

“If this agreement is ratified, Americans will—for the first time in a generation—understand what it means to have a credible threat of annihilation looming over the heads of our children and grandchildren, and in that way will understand better than ever the threat that hangs over Israelis every day,” said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of The Fellowship.

The advertising and lobbying campaign is aiming to reach millions of people through cable television, radio, and social media, in addition to the distributed of 2 million emails to The Fellowship’s Christian allies nationwide.

“Both Christians and Jews must unite in order to counter the threat of radical Islam,” Eckstein said. “We need that unity now more than ever to fight off the virulent hatred and violence threatening both our faith communities. A nuclear Iran would be a disaster of catastrophic proportions for the entire free world.”

Founded in 1983, The Fellowship promotes cooperation and understanding between Jews and Christians. The group has raised more than a billion dollars, mostly from Christian donors, to support Israel and the Jewish people.