As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, Jewish groups applauded the move to limit the campaign’s power.

StandWithUs commended Governor Cuomo for his “foresight in signing this executive order against the bigoted, anti-Semitic BDS movement whose activities threaten the economic well being of New York, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

Read the full statement:

“Doing so, he is sending a message that New York will not tolerate the BDS movement’s efforts to economically undermine and isolate the Middle East’s only Democracy.”

“New York does tens of millions of dollars in annual economic trade with Israeli entities, in addition to business done with many other partners who have commercial interests in Israel. This trade encompasses many of the state’s most important economic sectors. Governor Cuomo is defending the state’s economic interests against attempts to weaken its ability to conduct trade with Israel.”

“Boycotting Israel does not improve the lives of Palestinians and in fact, hurts them. Soda Stream is a great example of this with over 1000 Palestinians now out of a good paying job.”

“Peace takes two. Calling for a boycott of Israel and putting the blame solely on Israel, which is what BDS does, pushes peace further away. Israel continues to work for peace. It’s time for the Palestinian leadership to work for peace as well. Rather than recognize Israel and educate their people about peace, they continue to ——-incite their people to hate and murder.”