David Ben-Gurion is known around the world both for being Israel’s esteemed first prime minister and defense minister, and for rocking two fabulous tufts of white hair.

This look was perhaps best captured by TIME magazine’s Aug. 16, 1948 cover, which featured a portrait of the politician, fluffy hair spread out around him like a halo with the Star of David shining about his right ear.

For anyone who has wondered what exactly Ben-Gurion might have looked like before he developed his iconic ‘do, however, Haifa University’s Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library website is here to help.

A joint project of the Bitmuna Lab, the Haifa University Land of Israel Studies Department and the Haifa University Library, the online archive now includes hundreds of photographs from Israel’s past, painstakingly culled from private collections and other sources, digitized and then posted online.

“This database of photos of the land of Israel is a rich repository of visual materials documenting the history of the land,” Ora Zehavi, head of the library’s media department, told Israel Hayom.

“The existence of the database and access to it from every home will enrich the study of the history of the land of Israel,” agreed Dr. Yaron Perry, head of the Haifa University Land of Israel Studies Department, in an interview with Israel Hayom. “Now any researcher, student or nostalgia seeker can view, rather than only read, the history of the land of Israel.”

So just how easy is it to view hairstyle transformations of the man often referred to in Israel as “Father of the Nation”?

“Please search our database with the term: Ben-Gurion, David,” Keren Barner, of the library’s media department, told Jspace in an email. “And I hope you will find an earlier photo of him with more hair.”

Following Barner’s instructions, a Jspace writer did indeed find several early photos of the handsome young Ben-Gurion – complete with a rather luscious head of hair!