Home Current Events David Duke Targets Jews in Media Over Trump’s Remark on Hispanic Judge

David Duke Targets Jews in Media Over Trump’s Remark on Hispanic Judge


Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke this week defended Donald Trump on his radio show over comments Trump made about the Mexican roots of Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Duke blamed “the Jews” working in the media for spinning the news event into a negative campaign against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Trump controversially said that Curiel, who is the judge in the California-based fraud case against the candidate’s Trump University educational company, is a “hater” and is being unfair to Trump because he is “Hispanic” and “Mexican.”

Duke defended Trump’s remark by calling out various media personalities over their coverage of the story, including CNN’s Wold Blitzer, who he called a “Jewish agent,” and CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker, who he called “another Jewish extremist.“

“And more recently, Fox News, the Shabbat goy shiksa Megyn Kelly, ’cause they love to have some gentiles doing it,” Duke also said, Politico reported. “They don’t want Jews always out front….I think this whole Trump University case, really, if we exploit it, can really expose the entire Jewish manipulation of the American media, the American political process, control of politics in America, and truly how they are the dominant and dangerous power that exists in the United States.”

Trump has been criticized for not being swift or firm enough in disavowing endorsements from white supremacists such as Duke.