Admit it, you love hearing your parents’ opinions on pop culture. The way we experience things from generation to generation is so hilariously different that it has to be captured, and film director Joshua Seftel has done just that. Seftel’s series “My Mom On Movies” has the Jewish director interviewing his 76-year-old mother Pat about entertainment over video chat. His mother lives alternately between Sarasota, Florida and Schenectady, NY, because of course she does.

First see her take on “Twilight” and, by extension, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. She’s got the WHOLE SCOOP on their torrid relationship drama. A must watch just to hear Pat call Pattinson “young man:”

Pat also gives her view on “50 Shades of Grey.” “It really is a love story.” And it’s educational. “I didn’t know about all that stuff.” She gets pretty uncomfortable talking about anal beads:

Pat’s even got an opinion on North West. She thinks the name is pretty clever and is already working on nicknames, like “Norey.” Pat’s not impressed by these celebrities and their baby names, going so far as to call out another Jew, Gwyneth Paltrow: “I don’t know if they realize that the child is gonna be called Apple when they’re 50 years old. You know, it’s ok when they’re two.”

In one of the best clips, Seftel invterviews his mother about Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Not surprisingly, she wasn’t into it. “It was unbelievable,” Pat says, but not the good kind of unbelievable. Of the song itself, she didn’t have much to say. “I don’t remember [what the words are], it wasn’t that memorable.” And clearly she’s not a fan of youthful pop angst. “Jeez, I thought it was kind of depressing,” Pat exclaims. And she speaks for the Internet, saying, “She’s always doing something with her tongue. You know, we all have a tongue. We don’t need to see hers.”

And Pat doesn’t really get Miley’s album title. “Bangers like the English sausage? Or bagners like… banging?”

Maybe she gets it after all.

J-Connection: Joshua and Pat are Jewish.