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Jeremy and The Harlequins, a rock band from New York, released its first album American Dreamer this year. One of the album’s tracks, Trip into the Light, was chosen by Steven Van Zandt (AKA Little Steven) as the Coolest Song in the World in June and the track was also featured in the movie Edge of the World starring Tom Cruise. The band has kept busy with a UK tour and gigging consistently in NYC.

For its next move, Jeremy and the Harlequins has just partnered up with JCrush, a Jewish dating app available for free on iPhone & Android, to help spread the word about each other. Users of the app can share four songs from American Dreamer (via Spotify) with their matches (also known as Crushes).

We recently spoke with the band’s Jewish frontman Jeremy Fury to learn more.

How did you come up with the name Jeremy and the Harlequins?

Well, the Jeremy part was easy and pretty self-explanatory I suppose. As for Harlequins, a few years ago I got really into this sci-fi book saga called the 4th Realm Trilogy. The heroes in the book were called the harlequins. Besides loving the name, I thought it fit the music. It sounds like broken-hearted nostalgia.

How is it like playing in a band with your brother?

Pretty great about 98 percent of the time. Sometimes we butt heads, but I think that it’s necessary to make the music better. People think we share a brain, so when we are working at rehearsal or in the studio he knows what I want to do usually before I have to say anything.

How was it like recording your debut album American Dreamer?

It was the best recording experience I’ve ever had. Everything with the band and the songs just clicked. I’ve been in bands and recording sessions where it takes a week to record one song. With The Harlequins, we recorded the entire album in two days. It was a good lesson: When you know what you want and you’re with the right people, anything can be done and it doesn’t take too long to do it.

What bands and musicians have influenced your vintage yet modern sound?

The obvious ones are Roy Orbison, Sun Records-era Elvis Presley, and Gene Vincent. The less obvious ones but just as important ones are T-Rex, Mott the Hoople, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Phil Spector, Dion, and a slew of other early rock ‘n roll pioneers.

What is most inspiring about NYC?

The energy. I think because there is so much going on you never feel limited. For a band, it can be hard to capture people’s attention spans in NYC, but I think that makes us strive to be better. I’ve noticed quite a few articles online about how it’s ‘time for artists and musicians to leave NYC’ because it’s getting too difficult to live here. I think that’s a cop out and an insult to every artist who came before. I believe the types of struggles have changed, but that the best art is created through struggle and adversity. It’s not easy anywhere and what I find inspiring about the people in NYC is seeing people get up every day, persevering, and fighting the fight.

What TV show or upcoming movie would you like your music to be featured in?

Twin Peaks.

What band or musician would you most like to tour with?

I really like the new Leon Bridges record and would love to tour with him. Also, JD McPherson, Eagles of Death Metal, and the Arctic Monkeys.

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The above photo is credited to Adam Erick Wallace