The latest Josh Duggar sex scandal has exploded over the internet in the recent days.

Now, it turns out the former ’19 Kids and Counting’ star and spokesperson for traditional family values was not only trolling for an affair on social media and dating sites, he was using a nice Jewish punim to do it.

Trouble started for Josh right after hackers first dumped the account information of Ashley Madison users, unveiling the names and emails of of tons of cheaters.

Combing through that data dump, Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg quickly uncovered the eldest Duggar child — who was recently caught up in a molestation scandal that cost his family their show — had not one, but two accounts on the pay-to-play adultery site Ashley Madison using the email

That same email account was also linked by Feinberg to an Ok! Cupid account under the name “joesmithsonnwa” which Josh apparently set up to meet women and have one night stands.

josh duggar ashley madison

Now, in the latest unraveling of Josh’s secret and not so holy life, the intrepid internet world has uncovered that Josh Duggar also had a Facebook page under the name “Joe Smithson” that he used to friend lingerie models and strippers.

As with Josh’s Ok! Cupid profile, Josh did not use his own very recognizable face for the pic.
So, instead, Josh chose a nice Jewish punim belonging to none other than Jonathan Blankfein, the son of Goldman Sach’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Josh apparently lifted the picture of Jonathan off of his mother’s WAG Center profile which features candids of mom Laura, dad Lloyd and all the Blankfein kids.

Using Jonathan’s mug, which bears a slight beer google resemblance to the former reality star, Josh then befriended and chatted up bikini-clad girls mostly from Arkansas and none of them that ever caught on that the face of Joe Smithson was actually the Goldman Sach’s CEO’s son.

josh duggar lloyd blankfein