A man imprisoned for his part in murdering Israeli and US diplomats was honored outside Paris last week.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese citizen and founder of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction, was sentenced to life in prison by a French court in 1987 for helping in the assassinations of US attaché Charles R. Ray and Israeli embassy counselor Yacov Bar-Simantov.

Wednesday, a leader in the City Council of Bagnolet, just east of Paris, voted to make Abdallah an honorary resident, calling him a “communist activist” and “political prisoner,” adding that the criminal “belongs to the resistance movement of Lebanon, his country.”

The motion also refers to Abdallah as “one of Europe’s last remaining political prisoners” and a “determined defender of the Palestinian just cause.” No mention of his crimes is made in the resolution.

Abdallah has filed for parole eight times and has been denied on every instance. A parole board did approve his release this past January, but an interior minister refused to sign off on the move after US officials intervened.